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     A local landscape curbing company in Bismarck was sick and tired of constantly pushing wheelbarrows up and down hills and through thick grass.  The idea of using power wheelbarrows is not new but the ones that were available were way to big, slow, heavy and expensive.  Early in Piledriver's existence there were just two tires to help pull loads but lifting and turning both were up to the operator.  Even with this the production increased dramatically.  Over the last 8 years the machine has evolved greatly to the unit you see today.  The process of constantly improving and making it easier to handle has been a obsession.  The 2018 version has undergone many improvements since the triple axle was introduced in 2015.  Larger bearings, better tires, and increased carrying capacity due to protective steel plates are just a few.  Please view the videos and decide for yourself if the Pile will increase production for your company and pay for itself.  It has been thoroughly tested by our crew.  We average 50,000 feet of landscape curbing per year and only use one Piledriver.  Why push when you can Pile drive....

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