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Operation and Maintenance of your Piledriver XL

Your Piledriver has a Honda GX50 four stroke engine.  It is rated at 2 hp and has the capability of running at an angle or even upside down without harming engine.

Your dipstick for checking the oil is on the front of the engine.  This is where you will add oil and also where you would dump it to change.  Simply remove the front bumper and place a pan on the ground and tip the machine forward until empty.  Refill the oil until it shows full.  *Make sure the machine is level.  When done simply put bumper back on.
Make sure you check the oil often, there is no low oil shutoff on this engine.

Before you start the engine simply flip the choke to the top position.  When it starts flip lever back down to middle position until it warms up, typically 10 seconds or so, then push lever back down and your ready.

Your gas tank is located directly below the choke and is easily accessible.  Make sure you use good gas.  Bad gas can cause the small ports in the carb to clog affecting the engine performance.

These types of engines have pull cords that are much shorter than cords on lawn mowers for example.  To start the Piledriver you must only use your wrist and not your whole arm and shoulder.  There is a chance you will rip the cord right out of the recoil.  Make sure you show your employees how to properly do this.  We have had many who have ruined the recoils on the first day so please be aware of this. 

The picture shows the total length of the cord, as you can see its not very long.

Pay Attention!!

The Piledriver has a Staton gearbox with a 19:1 gear ratio.  It is perfect combination of speed and low end torque for pulling.  

The 4 large set screws are used to add grease when needed.  During assembly it is filled with a whole tube of #2 grease.  It is sealed and lasts for a very long time.  We suggest you take out one of the top set screws and check every season.  To add simply use a grease gun and place the tip in the hole and add.  We have run several of these machines for years and haven't needed to add any grease.  It is a good idea to take a look at all the screws to make sure they are tight during your weekly checks.

There is a simple Kill Switch on the back plate above the rear wheels.  The piledriver is always ON.  To stop the engine simply press and it will turn off.  Be aware that if you try to start the engine and it doesn't fire up like normal, check the button to make sure its not stuck.  If you are working with dirt or concrete this can happen so keep it clean.

The "Triple Caster System" at the rear of the machine has a grease zerk that you want to make sure gets done weekly.  With the constant turning, under weight, they will wear out and become loose.  This is considered a "wear" part so eventually with excess use it will need to be replaced.

Likewise, when you stand the machine up, there will be 4 bearings that should be greased weekly.  These not only support the differential but maintain smooth turning and movement.  These are also considered a wear part but typically last for the life of the machine as they aren't turning at 1000's of rpms.

The turf tires on the Pile will take care of the grass and property your on.  The large front tires are attached with  hubs so are easily removed from the machine. For the rear tires to function properly it is best to keep them inflated only halfway.  This will reduce the amount of wobble by having more tread on the ground so make sure you leave them soft.

The Piledriver is easily lifted to dump while not worrying about the engine.  As we stated earlier these engines will run at angles and even upside down.  Just leave the engine run and go about your business.  You can also store your machine in a trailer or shop vertically, this makes storage much better.

Be aware that most of the weight resides towards the front of the machine to make is less difficult to dump and for better traction.  Because of this the operator needs to be careful when going downhill with a load.  You must keep your hands on top of the handles to prevent the machine from tipping forward.  Make sure all your employees know this before operation to prevent an untimely dump.

With any type of machine like this care must be taken with it's operation.  Overloading or driving at high speeds with loads can cause serious damage. 


Common Sense really takes over every situation, if you have doubts about what your doing then you probably shouldn't.

Wear parts such as the caster and bearings aren't covered under any warranty.  Your honda has a 3year mfg warranty when properly maintained and run.  Running an engine low on oil doesn't qualify for any type of protection.  Using fuel that isn't high octane which causes your carb to foul isn't a warranty issue.

Your Piledriver will give you years of service and you will never regret your purchase.


Early in 2021 we changed the handles on the Piledriver to be removable.
By do this our customers with limited room in their trailers would be able to create more space.  There is a simple
pin that secures them.  We suggest if you don't plan on removing them then simply use a nut and bolt to connect them.
Be careful when removing the handle with the throttle cable and trigger as they can be damaged.

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