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Piledriver XL - With Shipping & Maint kit

Piledriver XL - With Shipping & Maint kit


The long awaited Piledriver XL is here and in production!  Our customers asked for more power and capacity and we obliged.  The custom made 8cf steel tub will carry up to 500lbs of material.  The New Honda GX 50 gives the Pile 30% more horsepower than before.  The redesigned bumper and tub gives the Pile and incredible look that no doubt will turn heads on your next jobsite.  Get more production done on your site and work smarter.  



*Honda powered - GX-50 , 2 hp , 4 stroke engine

*18.75:1 staton gear reduction for incredible low end torque.

*Turf tires for ease of transport and least amount of disruption of grass.

*8cf contractor grade 14 ga, steel tub with powercoat for rust and scratch resistence.

*500lbs max load carrying capacity.

*Your choice on colors.

*Fully steerable with triple caster system.  

*Vertical storing so you can save space in your trailer or shop.

*Easy dumping capability as the Piledriver is weighted towards the front.  

*Full differential for super easy turning.

*3/8 inch steel plate and 4 bearings to support the axle for peice of mind when hauling heavy.

*Simple push button kill switch.

*Centrifical clutch, just press and go.

*Top speed as fast as you can walk, even with load.

* 1/8 inch steel handles





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