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Current build
times on piles are about
2-4  weeks

Born in the rugged hills of western North Dakota where hard work is the norm and production is paramount.  Piledriver is versatile enough for the roughnecks of the Bakken and also by their wives in the garden.  

Why push when you can Piledrive..


Fits through gates and doors.  Easy to dump and will store vertically.

Hand built in the rugged country of North Dakota.

Drive up to 500 lbs of material at a brisk walking pace, with no effort!!


Are you a landscaper, contractor, or homeowner who is looking to make life easier for you and your crew?  The toughest job on most sites is the person who is pushing rickety old wheelbarrows.  There is a way to go faster with much less effort, the result is more $ in your pocket.  We use air nailers instead of hammers, dewalts instead of screwdrivers, and impacts instead of wrenches but we still push wheelbarrows?  Work smarter not harder....

This includes freight shipping and a full Maint kit.

We've all had it happen, your guy doesn't show up to work and now everyone has to work twice as hard.  Young or old can drive piles with a Piledriver, it doesn't discrimminate.

When you compare the next closest competitor, they don't measure up.  Big, heavy, slow, and expensive.  The cheapest Muck Truck is $1200 more and a Pile can run circles around it.  

Piledrivers are built in North Dakota from the ground up using only the best materials.  Honda engines give reliable power and staton gearboxes make it go.  Powdercoated for rust and scratch resistence.


The Piledriver was born out of necessity in the rugged hills of Bismarck, North Dakota by Valley Borders, a local landscape curbing company.    Each unit is built to withstand  the rigors of whatever you throw at it.  Construction, concrete, or landscaping, the uses are endless.  The New Piledriver XL has a 8cf steel tub and  the 4 stroke Honda GX 50 delivers reliable power and makes hauling a breeze.  Fully steerable with one hand makes handling easy for men or women.  Turf tires take care of the grass so you can leave the jobsite clean and taken care of.  You work hard, now work smarter.  Why push when you can Piledrive!!

* Honda Powered - GX 50, 2hp 4 stroke - (Jan '20)

*18.75:1 Staton gear reduction for incredible low end torque

*Wide turf tires for ease of transport and reduced disruption of landscape

(unlike Muck Trucks)

*8cf contractor grade steel tub (14 GA Steel) (Jan '20)

*All steel parts are powdercoated "in house" 

*500lb load carrying capacity

*Fully steerable triple caster system

*Vertical storing so you can save space in your trailer or garage

*Front weighted for super easy dumping

*Peerless differential for tight turning

* 4 lug hubs for ease of tire removal

*3/8 steel reinforced plate with 4 bearings to support the axle for heavy hauling

*Simple push button kill switch

*Centrifical clutch, just press and go

*Top speed a fast walk even with a load

*New - Reinforced handles that are removable!!

*New - Foam grips for comfort Sept '19

*New - Redesigned bumper Jan '20

*Leveled off engine for simple maintence

*Freight shipping now comes with price Jan '23

*A Maint kit now comes with each purchase Jan '23

The Piledriver XL has a 2hp Honda

GX-50 4 stroke engine.  Many people think that this isn't enough power to pull a 500lb load.  The gear reduction is perfectly paired to this engine so it's not only quick but has super low end torque.  To put this engine/gearbox to the test we had Randy Riley with GNE come to our facility and Honda Certify this engine to the Piledriver.  They test a multitude of things like engine temp, vibration, oil temp, and rpm's.  The Piledriver must go through 1 straight hour of high speed testing with a load while all the instruments are hooked into a computer. It is very important for our customers to understand that this engine has more than enough power to haul heavy and because it is now a certified Honda Configuration the Piledriver engines have a 3 year mfg warranty instead of the common 1 year.  This means piece of mind when you purchase a Pile and confidence that it will do the job you ask it to. 


Get on the Build List!

With our current build times it's a good idea to get on the schedule so you can have your Piledriver before the spring season comes.  Your only required to put $500 down with the rest due, along with shipping, before the build starts.


When you can hire a 15 yr old to move concrete  and expect him to come back the next day, thats what a Piledriver does...

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